Alsey Coleman Miller

Seasoned iOS Developer experienced in designing and developing custom applications ranging from home automation, to social and business apps. Works well independently as a Freelancer and in teams of all sizes. Anticipates customer needs and meets project requirements. Skilled in cross-cultural communication. Natural learner. In the top 1% most active open source Swift contributors on GitHub (4000+ commits and 1500+ stars in 2016). Contributed to Swift compiler, reverse engineered Apple’s Foundation framework and wrote clone of UIKit for Linux. Also loves Hackintoshes.




MAG Technologies LLC

Senior iOS Developer; Dallas, TX; July 2016 - Present

Responsible for maintaining Objective-C / Swift codebase and working on new features for end-to-end encrypted iOS messaging app.


Senior iOS Developer; NYC, NY; February 2016 - July 2016

Implemented improvements in Swift for application used to locate parking spots (as featured on ABC’s Shark Tank).

Santex Group

Lead Mobile Developer; Lima, Peru; July 2015 - Present

Responsible for estimation, architecture, and development of various iOS apps for clients. Developed open source Swift libraries that were reused across various projects. Swift and open source evangelist.

Sysco SA

Senior iOS Developer; Lima, Peru; March 2015 - July 2015

Responsible for maintaining Objective-C codebase of a suite of apps for the management of kindergartens in Norway.

Unikey Technologies

Senior iOS Developer; Winter Park, FL; September 2014 - March 2015

Developed iOS application for unlocking your door via Bluetooth LE (as featured on ABC’s Shark Tank). Updated codebase for iOS 8, migrated Objective-C code to Swift, implemented Adaptive UI, and refactored code for internal framework targets.


iOS Developer; Sarasota, FL; January 2014 - September 2014

Responsible for debugging and increasing the performance of Voalte’s iOS apps collaboratively with engineering team. Implemented concurrency, MVC design, and updated code for iOS 8. Also worked heavily with XMPP and REST APIs.

Tecla Labs

iOS Developer; Lima, Peru; January 2013 - May 2013

Worked as an iOS developer, creating new projects and supporting existing projects as needed. Developed a catalog app for a Peruvian jewelry company and worked on an iOS framework for rapid deployment of iOS apps for small businesses. Also worked on a Cocos2D runner game, social puzzle app, and Instagram-like app with image filters.